Wiki Editor

Wikipedia editing and management services

Agencies' Wikipedia partner

We help PR and digital agencies groom their clients’ Wikipedia page(s).

Partners' benefits

Make Wiki Editor your agency's preferred Wikipedia consultant and service provider.

Working with PR and digital agencies has direct benefits for us:

  1. You bring in new clients, which means less prospecting for us.
  2. You handle clients’ interfacing, which means less CRM on our end.
  3. You enable us to focus our resources purely on production and innovation.

To make this a two-way deal, we offer your agency a discount based on the volume of business our partnership generates.


Train project managers to mix Wikipedia with their sales and production wokflow.

Unlimited quotes

Solicit us any time you wish to know the feasibility and cost to manage any Wikipedia page.

Free consulting

Get our short analysis on any Wikipedia-related situation, anytime.

Multi-client reports

Get comparative stats across projects on monthly basis.

Partners' prices

The prices below are indicative of the base prices and reductions we offer agencies. Some Wikipedia pages may be harder to manage, which leads us to increase the price per page.


New Wikipedia page
$ 3,299
1-year contract
  • Copy editing
  • Creation
  • Publishing
  • Monitoring
  • Alerts
  • Monthly reports
  • Insurance


Existing Wikipedia page
$ 2,999
1-year contract /page
  • Copy editing
  • Publishing
  • Monitoring
  • Alerts
  • Monthly reports
  • Insurance


Wikipedia page's pulse
$ 99
Monthly /page
  • Monitoring
  • Alerts
  • Monthly reports

Outsource Wikipedia

When it comes to PR and online reputation, clients always ask for a Wikipedia page, or a better one if it already exists.

Having in-house Wikipedia resources has many issues :

  • Mismanaged Wikipedia accounts
  • Lack of security tools
  • Lack of expertise dealing with Wikipedia’s community
  • Exposing yourself and your clients

At the end of the day, doing Wikipedia in-house may cost you more than what you charge your clients.


The founder of Wiki Editor, Xavier Vespa, started to edit Wikipedia professionally while working for online reputation management agencies.

He then created a Wikipedia management company and worked exclusively with PR and digital agencies for years.

Wiki Editor was created with an agency-first mindset.