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About Wiki Editor

Wikipedia's missing piece

Who we are

Wiki Editor was launched by Xavier Vespa, who worked for online reputation management agencies before launching a Wikipedia editing company.

After operating exclusively with PR agencies for years, he launched Wiki Editor to open his service to the public.

Wiki Editor works with a remote network of dedicated Wikipedia writers.

Wiki Editor is a commercial brand owned and managed by Reputation Digital, llc, based in WI, USA.

What we do

Wiki Editor provides Wikipedia-specific services: Page creation, modifications, moderation, conflict resolution, …

We provide an extra layer of services to secure your Wikipedia page(s) and extract valuable data regarding content and audience.

We have worked for a wide array of clients: Top-tier companies, brands, celebrities and industry leaders, families, political organizations, governments, …

The paid edits dilemma

The Wikipedia community proactively fights off paid editors arguing they have a conflict of interest.

Wiki Editor has developed an innovative methodology to avoid detection and guarantee maximum results. To make this work, we obey the following rules :

  1. Everything we publish/depublish fits Wikipedia’s editorial guidelines.
  2. We do not promote or advertise, we inform with a neutral tone.
  3. Quality secondary sources are sine qua none.
  4. We refuse any request to smear any Wikipedia page.
  5. We sometimes say “no” to our clients for their own good.